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Publishing Tips

Publishing Under Your Own Imprint

Be Your Own Publisher A question we often get from prospective authors is 'Should I buy my own ISBNs?' The answer is 'Probably not - but it depends.' Some printers who don't offer publishing services will try to tell you that if you don’t own the ISBN, 'the copyright...

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Selling Books Without Bookstores

Be the Kudzu, Not the Orchid. Writers are book people, so we love bookstores. But sadly, bookstores are not the best place to sell a self-published book. Where then? The Web, of course. Getting a book listed on Amazon.com or BN.com is relatively simple - publish...

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Marketing With ‘Targeted Emails’

Bad Marketing Ideas There are a couple of things you may notice missing from the WingSpan Press Marketing page that you will find on many of our competitor's sites. The first is 'targeted emails'. One site goes so far as to promise to send 'ten million targeted...

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How to Lose Money in Publishing Returns got started during the Great Depression as an incentive for bookstores to keep stocking books even though people weren't buying. How the internet is the new 'Great Depression' in the bookstore business is an article for another...

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