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Standard Color


Color books have special needs. They’re more complex technically, and readers expect better quality paper and printing over black & white books. So your color book, whether it’s a children’s book, a cookbook, a book of photographs, will be given special attention to ensure it’s high quality presentation.

Features of the Standard Color Package: Your book will be listed for sale on Amazon, BN.com and dozens of other online book sellers. It includes our world-class customer support, a full-color cover, internal text layout, ISBN, bar code, and international copyright.

Your book will be available to order worldwide; and will be featured on our Facebook page. We’ll provide you with a link that let’s you include it on your Facebook feed as well.

We’ll advise you on the best trim size for your book and your market. You can supply your own front cover image if you have one, along with your back cover copy and author photo. You may include up to 30 full-color images in the interior.

Once layout is complete, you’ll review an electronic galley of your book and be able to submit up to 25 corrections at no additional charge.

After publication, we’ll send you five free copies of your book*, and we’ll set up an author account for you so that you can track monthly sales and purchase copies of your book for just 50% of the retail price.

Nothing goes to print without your approval. Your book will remain in print for one year after publication; you’ll be able to keep it in print after that time for our low renewal rate of $20 per year per edition. If at any time you decide to remove your book from publication, all it takes is an email. You retain all rights. No hassles.

Other options are available on our Marketing and Add-on Services pages.

*up to $50 value, shipping included.